Business Agility Analysis™

Business Agility Analysis™

Business Agility Analysis ™ is an evaluation study that shows the current status of the teams and value streams within the organization by measuring maturity levels. We are using Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) in order to handle organization-oriented assessment. The purpose of this assessment is not to supervise the team. To enable teams to review their processes and discover improvement points.

Benefits of the Business Agility Analysis™

Discover the value streams in the organizations.
Determination of disruptive points within the scope of the Kanban Maturity Model
Value-oriented analysis of relationships between teams
To analyze the current situation to increase the efficiency of the teams
Directing on determining the target situation
Triggering collaboration between teams
Adopting scientific thinking to achieve challenging goals

Business Agility Analysis™ Process

1 – Selecting the teams to be evaluated within the organization
2 – Starting the work under the leadership of an Agility consultant to be allocated by “Agile Kanban Istanbul”
3 – Determination of the faults in the value stream according to the customer-oriented perspective
4 – Sharing relevant evaluation results and improvement action suggestions at the end of the study.

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