Agile Management Process

Agile Kanban İstanbul is a technology solutions provider in the IT sector. We understand business processes and can offer customized solutions according to customers needs. Each customer has different challenges, we can assess them, craft a solution, and then implement it while you preserve your company’s talent and resources for your day to day operations.

How does it work?

Our team starts with giving Kanban training to whole team not only IT because agile transformation has to be applied all parts of the organization like as culture. According to customer business target, we set up a plan together. Then we give on-site support to our customers on daily/weekly basis.

How Agile transformation will start?

Principles & Practices of the Kanban Method
Meanings of Kanban
Basic Kanban Concepts
Visual Boards & Board Designs
Cycle-time Metrics
Work in Progress Limits (WIP)
Delivery Rate & Little’s Law
Overview of 7 Kanban Cadences
Daily Standup & Replenishment Meeting
Reporting Monthly

Business Agility Kanban

We help our customers on their agile journey from beginning to high-level requirements needs as well as Agile management consulting services for organizational assessments, roadmaps, transformation and scalability.


Improve the Service Delivery Quality
Increase Productivity of Software Development
Make the Process More Efficient
Improve Team Collaboration
Help to Choose Tools or Adjust Your Current Workflow
Advice and Review Your Process in High-level Supervision

Be Agile with Kanban

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