Study Visits

Seeing Is Believing

The Study Visit is an essential part of the Agile management philosophy. Its initial purpose is to allow participants to observe the actual work process, engage with employees, gain knowledge about the work process and explore opportunities for continuous improvement.

At those study visit programs, you will see some of the new ways of working. You will meet thought leaders within the organisation and learn from each other with the facilitation of an experienced Agile practitioners.

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Dec 06th, 2019
13:00 AM – 16:00 PM

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How it works?

Steps to Follow When You Go to Study Visit

The main idea of the Study Visit is managers and leaders on every level to take regular walks around the floor and to be involved in learning Agile activities.

The main objective of a Study Visit is to explore the value stream in details and learn more about the systems that you visit. The good leader is always eager to listen rather than talk.

Discuss and Reflect

At this study visit, you will of course see what they have done. But most importantly, you will get the chance to discuss and reflect with people working passionately to develop better services for their customers.

Here is why you may use different techniques such as 5 whys in order to learn more. The main purpose is to observe, understand and debate.

Study Visits

A practical way of getting daily tasks done and enhancing family communication.